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'Sinai Bedouin safari' is glad to welcome you on our blessed and beautiful land of the Sinai peninsula. We are inviting you to discover the treasures of the Sinai desert and surrounding Red sea.

About Sinai

Sinai is located between the gulf of Aqaba, the Suez canal and the Mediterranean sea. The Sinai peninsula is approximately 380 kilometers between north and south and 210 kilometers between west and east. There are 22 different Bedouin tribes living here and they are native to this land for centuries.

About Dahab

Dahab is located on the Red sea between Sharm-el-Sheikh to the south and Nuweiba to the north. Dahab is one of the most attractive beach resorts in South Sinai, Egypt. Its sea shore is covered with fine golden sand that might have given Dahab its Arabic name"Gold". Dahab belongs to the "GMT+2" time zone and "GMT+3" in a summer period from May to September. The geographical coordinates of Dahab are: N28.49° E34.50°.

Dahab is a real paradise for diving and snorkeling thanks to amazing underwater landscapes of the Red sea. Dahab is also widely-known spot of kite- and windsurfing because it is located in the wind tunnel of the gulf of Aqaba.


Sinai Bedouin SafariJoin us in our Sinai desert safari. 'Sinai Bedouin safari' offers trekking and camel trips around desert, horse rides, 4x4 jeep safari, backpacking, rock climbing – all with our best guides. Welcome to discover secret Bedouin pathways.

Enjoy the miracles of the Red sea by scuba diving, snorkeling, boat trips.

Relish the water-and-wind delight with wind surfing and kite surfing. 'Sinai Bedouin Safari' can arrange the transportation to and from any airport or hotel in Egypt.

The duration of our trips is ranging from 1 to 12 days, so you can choose the most suitable kind of trip or safari for your holidays.

Just e-mail us and we will take care of the rest. Contacting us, please tell us your name, phone number, e-mail address, number of persons. Note the preferable dates and any special requests.

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